Last Thursday, October 21st, CLEANTEX consortium met in person, for the first time since the project began, to hold its 3rd transnational project meeting. The event took place in Terrassa (Barcelona) and was hosted by LEITAT.

During the meeting, several aspects were discussed. The meeting began with a welcome by the hosting partner and the project coordinator, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU).

ENVIPARK continued with their presentation, that exposed the status of the virtual training program (Intellectual Output 1). The macrostructure (program and methodologies) and the microstructure (content) of this Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) is already defined and the partner’s commitment for the following months is to develop the content.

The first overview of the IO 2, the textile bootcamp that will consist in the solution of textile practical challenges and cases by the students, was also presented for its responsible: ENSAIT.

Cleantex partnership during the meeting


Afterwards, LEITAT introduced the IO3, the e-book that will compilate practical cases on how to apply life cycle assessment and eco-design in the advanced textile manufacturing industry and that will be the tool for the trainers and students during the summer course in Ljubljana at the end of the project.

Then, AEI Tèxtils updated the consortium about how the social networks of the project and website are performing and gave some feedback about partner’s communication activities.

The quality analysis of the project was provided by Cre.Thi.Dev. They highlighted the correct work and functionality of the consortium and encouraged the partners to keep on this line.

Finally, a turn of questions, information was opened, and the consortium decided a preliminary date for their next transnational project meeting in Turin.

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